Metronome (Web): An Adjustable Metronome within Google Search

Regular users know that Google search has cool tools built into it, from a clock and a countdown timer to translations and demographics. Musicians will be happy to know that you can add a functional metronome to that list. Just search for “metronome” and you’ll get this little app:


Using it is dead simple. Set it to the number of beats per minute you want (as low as 40, as high as 208), and click the “Play” button. Just like that, you have a steady tempo to practice playing your preferred musical instrument. And yup, it works on smartphones too, so you don’t need to carry a metronome with you!



Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab, an open-source educational tool with interactive instruments, has just been released by Google. Using the Web Audio API, Music Lab offers skill- and knowledge-building tools straight through your web browser, covering topics ranging from harmonics to sound waves, even boasting a spectrogram. There are even elements that let you record yourself to play with your own vocals.

One of many recent releases from Google demonstrating the power of the company’s Web Audio API, reports Fact Magazine. As of last year, Google Chrome has MIDI capabilities. With the release of Chrome Music Lab, the arsenal of online, browser-based instruments continues to grow, and we’re all waiting to see what comes next.

Check out Google’s Chrome Music Lab here.




I happen to come across recently while searching online for some tabbed sheet music and this websites feature lured me with rhythm chords to songs I never imagined myself playing to in minutes. Like they were old stand-by songs of my own. A week or so later I did some further investigating and found out more about it.

Riffstation delightfully offers a standalone software version, Riffstation for Mac and PC (as well as iPhone App) allowing you to load any song into it’s grasp, with it’s chord recognition algorithm (so says) detecting major, minor and 7th triads with about 85% accuracy in typical rock/pop music. The chord positions shown are in root position only. The chords will always be detected and shown in the actual key the song was recorded in. If the song is in a difficult key to play, you can use the capo tool and play in any key you like with a capo on your guitar. Sounding a lot better now isn’t it? Not only guitar, but also chords for Piano or Ukulele.

I did notice quite a bit of delay while the songs processed, so patience may come into play here. They say it processes each song but for me even the ones with [ play ] available often load  s  l  o  w and quite annoying. I’m unsure if it’s the YouTube video loading or play.Riffstation. I’m hoping the standalone version and/or commercial product version eliminates those wows.

I’ve just down loaded the free 30 day trial version and will give this a test run. The tutorial videos look pretty impressive to me (webmaster) and I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. Maybe one day I’ll be backing up Tyrone with some rhythm (I wished). screenshot user interface

Just sharing the joy of learning and playing and keeping Tyones blog interesting while he’s tours the world, being I can’t seem to get him to post much on his blog . Tyrone’s much more musically educated and talented than I am and I occasionally post on his blog to share with him and you.

Enjoy & let us know if you want more like these posts (or not).

John M.

Came across this – How To Sing The Blues: A Primer

Came across this – How To Sing The Blues: A Primer

Came across this and thought it was humorous.

Singing the Blues Primer

How To Sing The Blues: A Primer

  1. Most Blues begin with: “Woke up this morning…”
  2. “I got a good woman” is a bad way to begin the Blues, unless you stick something nasty in the next line like, “I got a good woman with the meanest face in town.”
  3. Blues is simple. After you get the first line right, repeat it. Then ind something that rhymes…sort of: “Got a good woman with the meanest face in town. Yes, I got a good woman with the meanest face in town. Got teeth like Margaret Thatcher, and she weigh 500 pound.”
  4. The Blues is not about choice. You stuck in a ditch, you stuck in a ditch–ain’t no way out.
  5. Blues cars: Chevys, Fords, Cadillacs and broken-down trucks. Blues don’t travel in Volvos, BMWs, or Sport Utility vehicles. Most Blues transportation is a Greyhound bus or a southbound train. Jet aircraft and state-sponsored motor pools ain’t even in the running. Walkin’ plays a major part in the blues lifestyle. So does fixin’ to die.
  6. Teenagers can’t sing the Blues. They ain’t fixin’ to die yet. Adults sing the Blues. In Blues, “adulthood” means being old enough to get the electric chair if you shoot a man in Memphis.
  7. Blues can take place in New York City but not in Hawaii or any place in Canada. Hard times in Minneapolis or Seattle is probably just clinical depression. Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City are still the best places to have the Blues. You cannot have the blues in any place that don’t get no rain.
  8. A man with male pattern baldness ain’t the blues. A woman with male pattern baldness is. Breaking your leg ’cause you were skiing is not the blues. Breaking your leg ’cause a alligator be chomping on it is.
  9. You can’t have no Blues in a office or a shopping mall. The lighting is wrong. Go outside to the parking lot or sit by the dumpster.
  10. Good places for the Blues:
    • a. highway
    • jailhouse
    • empty bed
    • bottom of a whiskey glass.
  11. Bad places for the Blues:
    • Nordstrom’s
    • gallery openings
    • Ivy League institutions
    • golf courses
  12. No one will believe it’s the Blues if you wear a suit, ‘less you happen to be a old ethnic person, and you slept in it.
    Do you have the right to sing the Blues? Yes, if :

    • you older than dirt
    • you blind
    • you shot a man in Memphis
    • you can’t be satisfied
      No, if:

      • a. you have all your teeth
      • you were once blind but now can see
      • the man in Memphis lived
      • you have a 401K or trust fund
  13. Blues is not a matter of color. It’s a matter of bad luck . Tiger Woods cannot sing the blues. Sonny Liston could. Ugly white people also got a leg up on the blues.
  14. If you ask for water and your darlin’ give you gasoline, it’s the Blues. Other acceptable Blues beverages are:
    • cheap wine
    • whiskey or bourbon
    • muddy water
    • nasty black coffee.The following are NOT Blues beverages:
      • a. Perrier
      • Chardonnay
      • Snapple
      • Slim Fast
  15. If death occurs in a cheap motel or a shotgun shack, it’s a Blues death. Stabbed in the back by a jealous lover is another Blues way to die.  So are the electric chair, substance abuse and dying lonely on a broken-down cot. You can’t have a Blues death if you die during a tennis match or while getting liposuction.
  16. Some Blues names for women:
    • Sadie
    • Big Mama
    • Bessie
    • Fat River Dumpling
  17. Some Blues names for men:
    • Joe
    • Willie
    • Little Willie
    • Big Willie
  18. Persons with names like Michelle, Amber, Jennifer, Debbie, and Heather can’t sing the Blues no matter how many men they shoot in Memphis.
  19. Make your own Blues name Starter Kit:
    name of physical infirmity (Blind, Cripple, Lame, etc.)

    • first name (see above) plus name of fruit (Lemon, Lime, Kiwi, etc.)
    • last name of President (Jefferson, Johnson, Fillmore, etc.) For example: Blind Lime Jefferson, Jakeleg Lemon Johnson or Cripple Kiwi Fillmore, etc. (Well, maybe not “Kiwi.”)
  20. I don’t care how tragic your life: if you own a computer, you cannot sing the blues. DARN! (well if your using Windows – maybe! ;)


Not meant to be supporting a commercial product, rather the listener/s. I thought I’d share this for what’s it’s worth (apparently $4 a month).  Return the favor by buying Tyrone’s CD

There’s something quite magical about live music. But what if you live in a town where bands seldom tour to, or if you struggle to keep track of bands touring in your area? Or what if your schedule makes it impossible to attend live music, or if you simply can’t afford the high ticket prices of concerts?

Well, there is another way. Meet Daytrotter. For $4 per month, you can listen to as many professionally-recorded concerts as you want. And it’s awesome.

Of course if you want  free music and/or concerts there’s always: that’s hard to beat!