Watch Recorded Live Shows & More with Music Vault

Do you remember your first live gig? Wouldn’t it be cool if you found footage of the occasion on the Internet? Music Vault might just have it.

The service is currently hosting thousands of live concert recordings on their YouTube channel, many of which are full shows (and many of which aren’t).

If you can’t make it to any upcoming gigs, why not raid the archives and discover classic performances instead.





Not meant to be supporting a commercial product, rather the listener/s. I thought I’d share this for what’s it’s worth (apparently $4 a month).  Return the favor by buying Tyrone’s CD

There’s something quite magical about live music. But what if you live in a town where bands seldom tour to, or if you struggle to keep track of bands touring in your area? Or what if your schedule makes it impossible to attend live music, or if you simply can’t afford the high ticket prices of concerts?

Well, there is another way. Meet Daytrotter. For $4 per month, you can listen to as many professionally-recorded concerts as you want. And it’s awesome.

Of course if you want  free music and/or concerts there’s always: that’s hard to beat!



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