I happen to come across recently while searching online for some tabbed sheet music and this websites feature lured me with rhythm chords to songs I never imagined myself playing to in minutes. Like they were old stand-by songs of my own. A week or so later I did some further investigating and found out more about it.

Riffstation delightfully offers a standalone software version, Riffstation for Mac and PC (as well as iPhone App) allowing you to load any song into it’s grasp, with it’s chord recognition algorithm (so says) detecting major, minor and 7th triads with about 85% accuracy in typical rock/pop music. The chord positions shown are in root position only. The chords will always be detected and shown in the actual key the song was recorded in. If the song is in a difficult key to play, you can use the capo tool and play in any key you like with a capo on your guitar. Sounding a lot better now isn’t it? Not only guitar, but also chords for Piano or Ukulele.

I did notice quite a bit of delay while the songs processed, so patience may come into play here. They say it processes each song but for me even the ones with [ play ] available often load  s  l  o  w and quite annoying. I’m unsure if it’s the YouTube video loading or play.Riffstation. I’m hoping the standalone version and/or commercial product version eliminates those wows.

I’ve just down loaded the free 30 day trial version and will give this a test run. The tutorial videos look pretty impressive to me (webmaster) and I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. Maybe one day I’ll be backing up Tyrone with some rhythm (I wished). screenshot user interface

Just sharing the joy of learning and playing and keeping Tyones blog interesting while he’s tours the world, being I can’t seem to get him to post much on his blog . Tyrone’s much more musically educated and talented than I am and I occasionally post on his blog to share with him and you.

Enjoy & let us know if you want more like these posts (or not).

John M.